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CCTV Vulnerability Scanning tool

The "CCTV Vulnerability Assessment Tool" is a new project aimed at helping businesses, organizations, and individuals identify security weaknesses in their Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) systems.

Drone Vulnerability Assessment tool

The security posture of Drones, we aim to safeguard critical operations and protect data integrity, thereby ensuring public safety and trust in drone technology.

Malware Detection tool

The project will adopt a multifaceted approach, combining signature-based scanning and behavioral analysis to detect malware in PDF files.

Web/Mobile Applications/Digital Marketing

We provide a virtual gateway for individuals, clients, and potential partners through web/Mobile Apps to explore and understand a business's identity, offerings, and ethos.

SecureHack - Your Digital Guardians

SecureHack incorporate is a cyber security company in business for the last 10 years, since 2012. Moreover, SecureHack is a authorized partner of NASSCOM and Data Security Council of India(DSCI) and offers managed services and delivers the ability to measure, optimize, and continuously improve security programs. SecureHack offers managed services, optimize and continously improve security programs.

We work with our clients as a cloud, data and security advisers and consultants, we work with their teams or work as part of their teams. We place consultants as the permanent employees of our clients. The research and development centre offers in depth-study on various Cyber Security Threats/Hacking trends compliances like SOC,HIPAA, PCI and so on.

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